Done deal! (almost)

So, I finally did it.  I bought a bike.   Exactly like the one you see below


It’s a Giant Defy Advanced 2.    Bought it in Cranbrook.  Excited?  Yes!  Can’t wait to ride it?  Yes!     Only one problem- it won’t be available until the end of March!    Apparently, the bike is so new that Giant hasn’t even started building them yet.   However, given that I live in a climate zone that doesn’t even condone cycling until the end of March, it’s not a huge deal.

So what does all this mean?   I guess it means that I’m more committed than ever to doing something – after all, if one spends a whole whack of money on a bike with the intention of completing  a gran fondo, one had better do it.    So, now my plan (which will probably change, as they often do) is to enroll in the Axel Merckz Gran Fondo in Penticton in July.  However, instead of doing the whole thing (160 km), I will probably only do the medio fondo which is about 90 km.   The reason being that I may not be ready to tackle 160 km within 3 months of getting my bike.

So, I figure that if I do the medio fondo in July, that will help prepare me for the Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo in Cranbrook in September.   By then, I will hopefully be able to do the whole thing (150 km) as I will have had two additional months of training.

In theory, it sounds, good.   The reality is often different but I suspect that once I get the bike, it will hopefully be so enjoyable to ride, that I will look forward to training on it.

Fingers crossed!


About gssfire

High school teacher, husband, father of three children currently residing in Golden B.C.
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